Dog Park Rules

WE LIKE USER FEEDBACK! Both good and bad, especially those pertaining to any positive or negative incidents. If something happens during your park visit please complete an incident report form (available at inside entry gate kiosk) and drop it off in the secure Incident Report box on the Main Information Kiosk, OR for prompt attention, to email us directly at letting us know about the incident.  We want to hear from you!

  • All dogs must display current dog license.
  • Dogs must be at least 4 months old.
  • Dogs 30 pounds and larger must use the Large dog area. Well-socialized small dogs may play in the large dog area at their own risk. At the first sign of aggression, the small dog shall be removed to the small dog area.
  • Dog handlers must be in control and in visual contact with their dogs at all times.
  • Children 7 years old and younger are not allowed in the off-leash dog area. Handlers must be 16 years of age or older. Parents must be in control of their children at all times.
  • No Female dogs in heat.
  • No more than 3 dogs per handler.
  • Dog handlers must SCOOP THE POOP, and dispose of it in the proper containers provided.
  • Dog handlers must leash their dog(s) when entering or exiting the off-leash dog area—and carry their leash at all times.
  • No Aggressive dog behavior.
  • All bites dog-to-human bites must be reported immediately to the Lynchburg Police Department at (434) 847-1602 or ‟911” during an emergency.
  • Dogs shall not bark on a continuous or frequent basis.
  • Handlers must fill any holes/divots dug by their dog(s).
  • No smoking, eating, or glass containers allowed in off-leash dog area. Training treats are allowed, but no other food items.
  • Professional dog trainers may not use the off-leash dog area to conduct their business, unless said activity is sponsored by the FLDP and/or the Department of Parks & Recreation.
  • No animals other than dogs are permitted.
  • Violations of ordinances or park rules may result in fines, loss of park privileges, or other punitive measures

Dog Park Etiquette

  • All dogs must display current dog license.
  • This park has been established as a public/private partnership with the Friends of Lynchburg Dog Park (FLDP) and is funded through private donations. Please keep this park viable by ensuring that your dog is ready to socialize with other dogs and their owners. It is the dog handler’s responsibility to evaluate their own dog’s social skills and assume full liability while visiting the park.
  • The off-leash dog area is open from dawn to dusk—but may be closed at any time due to maintenance, weather, or other concerns.
  • This park is not monitored on a full-time basis. Please report problems to Parks & Recreation at (434) 455-5858 (Monday – Friday) or (434) 444-3985 (weekends); or to the Lynchburg Police Department at (434) 847-1602 or ‟911” during an emergency.
  • Users of the off-leash dog area do so at their own risk. The Friends of Lynchburg Dog Park, Inc. and the FLDP Board and volunteers; and, the City of Lynchburg, Virginia, its officers/officials, employees, agents, and volunteers shall not be liable for any injury or damage caused by any dog or person in the off-leash area.
  • All other Park Rules Apply